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And Then I Didn’t Go Back To School

It’s the end of Christmas break. For college students, that means flying or driving or riding back to campus, buying new books, and learning a new schedule. I know the routine. I’ve done it before. But this time, I won’t be joining my friends in a new set of classes.

I’ve officially graduated. The weird thing is that I finished a semester early. There was no ceremony, no party, and honestly it didn’t really feel like the ending had come. Most of the people I started college with are currently getting ready for their first class while I’m simply sitting on my bed, slowly starting my day.

Today will involve a physical therapy appointment, possibly a trip to the bank, a few errands that need to get taken care of, and maybe even some time with friends. But it won’t involve classrooms, syllabi, or professors.

Being an adult is so weird – so new. I’m not entirely sure how to feel yet. Sure, right now it’s nice that I don’t have classes today. It’s nice that my break is a little bit longer than that of other people. But I also kind of can’t wait to start working. And yet the idea of having a real, full-time job kind of terrifies me. Obviously I’ll need a job to earn money and pay my bills. Obviously this is a big part of why I’ve been in school for the past few years.

Pretty soon, I’ll be getting all those questions I know people get after graduating. “So what are you up to these days?” “Have you found a job yet?” “When do you start working?” Etc.

I’m pretty hopeful. I’m hopeful that I’ll be working soon, that my physical therapy will go well, and that this year will be one of challenges and great experiences. Not sitting next to my friends in a familiar classroom right now is a little bittersweet. But I’m excited for whatever lies ahead. I’m excited to find out where my adult life takes me.

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