Staying De-Stressed During Finals

It’s that time of the year: Finals. I got out of my first one this morning and almost instantly started studying for the two I have tomorrow. There are more people in the library now than there normally are on a Monday afternoon.

I’ve seen friends and people I follow on social media posting that they’re in the midst of finals as well. We’re all stressing as we go from one test to the next. So what are some ways to keep the stress levels down?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Make a schedule. Having a plan and executing it can help. Plan out how much time you’ll study for each test, and throw in a few breaks every once in a while so you don’t go crazy. This will help you manage your time well and will give you an idea of how much time you have/need for each task.
  2. Organize your notes. Maybe you didn’t keep a folder or notebook for each separate class. Maybe your notes are scattered in books and on your desk. Find all the material you can on the section being covered for the final exam, and keep it organized until you’ve taken your test. Even if it’s a last-minute effort, it helps to have all the notes and handouts you can have.
  3. Go for a walk. I tried this last night after being in the library pretty much all afternoon. I needed some fresh air, so I walked around the campus for a few minutes. It definitely helped because it reminded me that there’s a world outside of the library that’s waiting for me when I finish with all of these exams.
  4. Eat healthy. This is one I probably haven’t been following very well myself, but if there’s ever a time to be extra healthy, it’s during finals week. You’re probably more stressed than usual and possibly more sleep-deprived. The least you can do is watch what you eat. It’ll help your immune system during this stressful time.
  5. Get enough sleep. I know this might be hard one for some people, but sometimes a good night’s rest is better than a late-night cram session. After all, you need to stay awake long enough to take your test.


What has helped you during finals in the past? Any tips? Comment below!

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