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Gifts that Work for Almost Anyone

I love giving presents. As much as I love getting them (because it clearly means that someone thought of me), there’s just something special about giving someone a gift. Even if the gift is cheap or something small, if people smile, it makes me happy. The idea of giving someone a gift randomly seems so strange to some people. Some people find it weird to receive gifts out of the blue. But I almost think those are better than birthday presents, simply because they’re so unexpected.

Since I’m in college, I don’t exactly have a lot of money to spend on my friends, but I always try to get them at least a little something to show them that I care especially if it’s their birthday or Christmas or sometimes Valentine’s Day.

If you’re trying to think of what to get for one of your friends, here is a list of gifts that would work for a variety of people:

  1. A mug to match your friend’s personality: Because, who doesn’t love mugs? Okay, there are probably a lot of people out there that don’t care for them, but there are a lot of unique and creative mugs. A mug is a good gift, because it’s thoughtful, and it’ll probably get used on a regular basis, especially if your friend likes hot beverages. If you go to Target for example, you’ll find all kinds of random mugs. Starbucks has some as well, so if your friend likes Starbucks that might be a good place to go. One of my best friends got me a cow mug, and I love it! Another friend and I bought heart-shaped mugs for our bosses when we were in Paris. There are all kinds of possibilities with this particular item.
  2. Supplies for a hobby. If your friend is creative in any way, go to a craft store and pick out some supplies. People that draw can always use more sketchpads. Anyone interested in scrapbooking loves new paper or stickers. Those kinds of things are both thoughtful and practical.
  3. A One-Sentence Journal. This might work best if you’re giving this to someone toward the end of the year (such as Christmas or any end-of-the-year birthdays). I own one of these, and I absolutely love it. Writing down just a bit of what happened every single day really isn’t that big of a commitment. And it’s pretty fun to look back and see what was happening exactly one or more years ago.
  4. A friendship bracelet. These might take a little bit more time on your part, but if you’re the DIY type of person, this might be a good idea for you. Friendship bracelets show a thoughtfulness that store-bought gifts just don’t – especially if you make them in your friend’s favorite colors. There are all kinds of tutorials for them online. If you’re not sure where to start, Pinterest might be the place to look.
  5. Lunch. Or dinner. Or breakfast. I know this isn’t exactly a thing someone can keep for years to come, but it’s something people always seem to remember. Cook for your friend or take him out to eat. Either way, if you make an effort to not only feed your friend but also spend quality time with him or her, it’ll be a good memory for both of you.

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